I Hate The New PGA Tour Schedule: Here’s Why

PGA TourDoes anyone else hate the new PGA Tour schedule as much as I do?

Here’s why.  After the dominating win from the United States in The President’s Cup, I was hoping for some time to recover from the marathon 10-month PGA Tour schedule.  Let’s face it, it’s difficult to keep up for like 48 weeks in a row remembering to set your PGA Tour fantasy teams each week.

But now, with the start of the Frys.com Open in California which started on October 10, I have to pick right back up and try to start a new PGA Tour fantasy league right away.


Okay, so maybe you’re saying it’s nobody’s fault by mine for taking on four NFL fantasy teams.  I would agree with you that its terribly overwhelming at times.  I tell myself every year I am only going to play only ONE fantasy football league but every year I get conned into all four.

Now I am struggling to keep up with the new fantasy golf season and keeping track of my fantasy football.  I have already missed two of the first four golf tournaments of the season.  It’s taking a lot right now for me to grasp the new PGA Tour wraparound season all because I can’t keep up with fantasy sports.  Yes I know it’s sad, but I really enjoyed the years past when I can take a few months off and concentrate on fantasy football and pick back up with golf in January before fantasy baseball started in April.  Now it’s all just a blur.

Anyways, I’ll get over it and figure something out to keep up with my fantasy football and fantasy golf.  Let’s just hope I don’t fall too far behind for the remaining 48 tournaments that are left until next October.

(Picture courtesy of PGA Tour)

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