Front9Back9’s Golf Picks & Predictions: Northwestern Mutual World Challenge (Tiger’s Tournament)

Golf Picks & Predictions:  Each week I will attempt to pick four players following the Fantasy Golf rules.  Do you think you can do better?  Let me know below or let us know on Twitter @Front9Back9 or our Front9Back9 Facebook Page.  

Now that I have officially gone 0-4 in making the playoffs in my fantasy football leagues, it’s time to start focusing on my 2014 PGA Tour fantasy golf picks.  I started back in October with the Open and I smashed it 350 yards down the middle with my Jimmy Walker pick.  He actually won, so it gave me this sense of confidence that I have never felt before in my golf picks.  Problem is, I missed the next five events so I am behind now.

This week in the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge, a.k.a. Tiger Woods’ tournament, there is no PGA Tour Fantasy picks to make since it’s not an official event.  So I am using this as a warm-up for the Hawaii swing in a few weeks.  It shouldn’t be all that hard, since there are only 16 players, but here you go, in no particular order.

Rory McIlroy

Yes, I am going to pick Rory.  He is coming off a win in Australia and has put some legal problems behind him.  He’s ready to go and I predict him and Tiger will be trading shot-for-shot on Sunday to see who will win.

Tiger Woods

Since I mentioned above I think Rory will be going head-to-head with Tiger on Sunday, I think the next logical pick to win is Tiger Woods.  It’s his tournament and it’s the last year in California.  He will probably win.

Jordan Spieth

Spieth wants to show he belongs with the big boys, and you don’t get any bigger than the players who are teeing it up this week at Sherwood.  In his first World Challenge, I expect Jordan to be near the top.

Jason Dufner

Dufter wanted Tiger Woods to change the tee times so he can watch Auburn football.  I think Auburn will win on Saturday and Jason will ride that momentum into a good round on Sunday.

I probably won’t get much time to watch the tournament this weekend, but I will surely be following it on my phone.  I’ll try to give updates daily so we can see how these picks do.


  1. Stewart Probert says

    My fantasy season crashed and burned this week too (heart breaking 1st round playoff loss) so I guess we’re all back to our other sports! Good call on Woods in the end then (and Auburn hah).

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