Edwin Watts Golf Shops Heads For Bankruptcy

Over the years, there’s been numerous small golf shops that have come and gone here in San Antonio.  During this time, two big brands have stayed put – Edwin Watts and Golf Galaxy.  Edwin Watts has two stores here in San Antonio and Golf Galaxy unfortunately has one.

I will never know why the smaller shops shut down over the years but the basic economics tell me Edwin Watts and Golf Galaxy probably had something to do with running the smaller shops out of town.  I set out to boycott these stores and it appears to be working because Edwin Watts is filing for bankruptcy!  They blamed it on a stagnant golf economy and bad weather over the past year.  I actually blame it on something else.

About 2-3 years ago, I decided I was going to stop going to either one of the Edwin Watts stores along with Golf Galaxy all together.  I began my boycott because all three of these golf stores in San Antonio employ the rudest people I have ever encountered.  Especially for a place that is trying to sell me $800 golf clubs and $50 golf balls.

Now I am not rooting for failing business and the possibility of people losing their jobs, but these golf shops just don’t get it.  The company is currently held by Sun Capital Partners, who purchased the company in 2007.  In the Chapter 11 filing, Edwin Watts reported assets and liabilities somewhere between $100-$500 million and needed to take a $38 million loan to stay afloat while in bankruptcy.

The founder, Edwin Watts has already expressed interest in possibly purchasing the company back.  In a quote to the Northwestern Florida Daily, Watts said “This was a little bit of a shock.”  Well hell yeah it’s a shock when your company you founded with your name on the front is going through financial issues.

Either way, I am going to continue not buying golf stuff from Edwin Watts and Golf Galaxy and maybe Golf Galaxy is the next one on the block.  I will continue to take my business to the awesome new Golfsmith store near my house where they actually give a damn about your business and want to try and help.


  1. says

    Power to the People! You tell them Ryan! I experienced something along the same lines at a Golf Galaxy. Why do employees try to sell you the most expensive club when you have something picked out and ready to buy? I feel that these smaller businesses do not have enough support from being overshadowed by “bigger golf shops.”
    Maybe it is time the companies double check their employees, they would be getting better business I’m sure! Be sure to check out my blog!
    Erik Allbright

  2. Ryan Young says

    Hey Erik thanks for the comment man! I doubt I had any doings with the bankruptcy but I like to think I do! They are rude though and I’ll take my money elsewhere.

  3. says

    I hate seeing the oldies getting into financial trouble. I wonder about the management leadership whenever I hear “bankruptcy”. It seems if they had good management they could stay strong.


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