What Does The Greatest Golfer Ever and My Son Have in Common?

On Monday January 21, 2013, my first son joined the world.  That happens to be birthday of the greatest golfer ever; Jack Nicklaus.  When I shared with my wife that our first son would share a birthday with the greatest golfer of all time, she rolled her eyes.  You see, I think he’s destined to be a golfer.  She on the other hand tells me we will never force him into anything he doesn’t want to do.  While I agree with that 100%, there’s no doubt he will magically have a golf club in his hand at a very early age.

Reality started to really set in when I was leaving the hospital last Thursday.  While we were waiting for the nurse to bring the wheelchair and cart to take my wife and baby down the truck, I found myself just starting out the window into the world.  A panic feeling consumed me and I realized at that time more than ever that I am taking my child out of the comfort of the hospital and into the world.  It was a weird feeling.  I don’t know how to explain it but I felt so motivated and protective all of a sudden.

Now almost a week later, I’m motivated more than ever each day to provide him the best life ever.  Everything I do now effects not only me, but effects my wife and child more.  It’s frankly an awesome feeling and really drives me to improve myself for the sake of my family.  Whether it be my health, my career, my business or anything else, everything I do now is for my new son.

So while I don’t actually believe my son is destined to be a golfer just because he shares a birthday with the greatest golfer ever, I do strive to provide my son with all the opportunities that allows him to find something he loves; and hopefully that will be golf!

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Ryan Young (316 Posts)

Yo! I'm Ryan. Thanks for checking out Front9Back9 Golf Blog! I live in San Antonio, TX with my wife and little baby boy. Everyday when my wife is not looking, I check to see if my son is strong enough yet to grip a golf club. I swear we are getting closer each day! As for my golf game, it's just there. All I try to do is hit it straight and limit my bogeys. One day we will get there.


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    Thanks for sharing, Ryan! Very funny…”When I shared with my wife that our first son would share a birthday with the greatest golfer of all time, she rolled her eyes.”



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