Is Tiger Woods on the Cusp of Another Multi-Year Run?

For more than a year now, me and a couple buddies have done nothing but speculate on when Tiger Woods would win again.  In the end, nobody was anywhere near to being correct.  But each time we had our little discussion, we all pretty much agreed on one thing – Once Tiger Woods got back into the winners circle, it could be the start of another dominating run for the man who will soon be back to #1 in the world.

So after his first win today at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in nearly 30 months, could this be start of another multi-year run?  I think it’s an interesting question but it surely can’t be answered after just one win.

Between the years of 1999 and 2002, Tiger Woods ran off 27 PGA Tour wins, including seven major championships.  Butch Harmon was responsible for crafting what some called the best golf swing ever and we saw some of the most spectacular golf ever played during this time.  Everyone wondered why Tiger would want to change this, and we wouldn’t see another streak until 2005.

Starting in 2005, Tiger had a new coach and his new swing was feeling it.  Between 2005 and 2008, Tiger Woods would win another 31 PGA Tour events, including six majors.  During this period, Woods crept closer-and-closer to Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championships.  Another four year period and another streak of wins most PGA Tour players will never come close to.

So we look back on these two separate four year stretches, and wonder what will come of the next four years for Tiger Woods.  At 36 years old, can he string together another four year period of amazing golf?  Like I mentioned above, it’s a tough question and the only way we will ever know is if his body allow him to continue to play golf?  It would be crappy to see this guy not be able to play golf because of injuries.

All-in-all this is what Tiger needed.  He needed the first win and the confidence was all over his body language today on the course.  After the round, it actually looked like he wanted to cry today on camera talking to Roger Maltbie, and I have never seen Tiger so thankful to the people around him.  He seemed genuine and that was weird.  The next step is Augusta in two weeks.  If he comes out and builds off this win, then the rest of the PGA Tour may have to watch out.

And by-the-way, I predict Tiger Woods and Rory McIllroy will be paired together in the first two rounds of The Masters.  That just seems like a fitting pairing for some reason.


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    I also hope Tiger Woods and Rory McIllroy get paired together. I’m a new follower and happy to have found your blog! Thanks, Mark.

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